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Reds Hall of Shame

Periodically, as I see fit, I will add Reds of yesteryear to the first (and only known) Reds Hall of Shame.

Jim Bowden, General Manager (1992-2003)

Old Leatherpants, along with Marge Schott’s budget cutting, was able to take the Reds from title contender to the longest streak of losing seasons in Reds history by trading away just about every prospect that was worth anything and keeping guys like Brandon Larson.  Though the Reds did draft Joey Votto and Adam Dunn while under his tutelage, Reds fans were constantly swindled by pitching reclamation projects and 5-tool players.  Bowden continued to swindle Reds fans after his 2003 firing, sending Gary Majewski,  Bill Bray,  Royce Clayton, and Brendon Harris to the Reds for Austin Kearns, Felipe Lopez, and Ryan Wagner.  The trade caused controversy because Majewski was damaged goods at the time of the trade.

Brandon Larson (parts of 2001-2004):

According to Jim Bowden if you had 5-tools that’s all you needed.  Well Larson had 5-tools, but unfortunately for Reds fans his weren’t of the baseball variety.  During Larson’s last stand with the Reds in 2004 he was anointed as starting Third baseman and flopped (though it was his finest performance).  Larson’s career could be the poster child for the “Lost Decade” of 2001-2009, a bunch of hype but no results.

Mike Lincoln (2008-2010)

Mike Lincoln

Lincoln was one of the Reds best sources of fan displeasure in his stint with the club.  In his stint with the Reds, excluding what I’m sure will be awful 2010 stats, Lincoln has baffled hitters with a 5.40 ERA and only given up 95 hits in 93 innings pitched.  As you can tell by his stellar numbers, he’s worthy of another look.



Corey Patterson (2008)

Corey Patterson

Patterson,in 135 games,  batted a Mendoza like .205 and a .238 OBP while batting mostly lead-off.  So why was he playing?  Rumor has it he was dating Dusty Baker’s daughter, but this can’t be confirmed.





Willy Taveras (2009)

Willy Taveras

Most thought Taveras was going to be a bust before guaranteeing he’d steal 100 bases.  Unfortunately for Reds fans 25 is only a quarter of the way there.  Even more unfortunate for Reds fans is that Dusty Baker gave him 437 plate appearances to do it.  Fortunately for Reds fans a surprising Drew Stubbs and a trip to the DL ended this Dusty-created nightmare.

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  1. nhelmstetter permalink*
    August 1, 2010 5:53 pm

    Nominate your Reds Hall of Shame candidate by commenting below and the next inductee into the Reds Hall of Shame will be selected this offseason.

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    April 2, 2011 1:13 am

    Hall of Shame Nominee:

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