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Saw this one coming…

July 28, 2011

“Everybody can’t play left field.  Everybody was hollering for Heisey and now everybody wants Yonder to play. … We know (Alonso) can hit, but right now probably most of the time is going to go to Heisey.”

Dusty The Magnificent

Should've been player more sooner.

So now Chris Heisey is good enough to play left field?

Now is Heisey’s chance to show what he has?  Shouldn’t his chance have been a couple month’s ago when Jonny Gomes couldn’t get off the Interstate with his average?  Shouldn’t it have come the day after he belted 3 home runs?  Or the days after he hit lead-off homers?

The above statement is yet another mystery of the world of Dusty.

This scenario reminds me a scene from the movie Varsity Blues where Jon Voight’s character, Coach Kilmer, basically says to back-up QB and whipping boy Jon “Mox” Moxson after the injury of super-stud Lance Harbor, “Your my boy, don’t let me down.”

Your my

This scenario is the Dusty Baker/Chris Heisey left field playing time fiasco to a T.  Now that Jonny Gomes is gone and DTM can’t play him any longer it is Heisey’s job to lose.

This is not the way it should work.  You should earn playing time by performance, not because your a veteran or someone got traded.  Heisey’s play earned him playing time in May…maybe the Reds would have won a few more games without Gomes in the line-up swinging at everything crooked and straight thrown at him.

This is just another reason Dusty Baker should be fired.


Let the selling begin?

July 27, 2011

As the Reds were about to drop an uncharacteristically poor defensive game to the Mets Tuesday night Jonny Gomes was traded.  I’m a little sad to see Gomes go.  His energy was unbeatable, however his performance was.

Gomes was batting .212 and only playing sparingly (which was a good thing considering Dusty’s penchant for sticking with guys too long); he will now be reunited with 2010 platoon partner Laynce Nix (who is having a heckuva year).

More importantly is the arrival of the future in Yonder Alonso.  Alonso is batting .296 and as Walt Jocketty said, he can hit. What troubles me is the description of Alonso’s role on this team by Jocketty, “He’ll be able to spell Joey from time to time. He’ll play some left field. He’ll be a left-handed hitter off the bench.”

This concerns me.   Let the guy play and see if you need to add someone for 2012.  If he plays well maybe he will help get you back in it, if he doesn’t then you know you need to find someone new.  It is likely though that with Dusty’s track record Alonso will be on the bench tonight and more often than not.

The Streak is Over!

July 25, 2011

Wow! Two in a row! That’s what it feels like!

Now to my “Fire Dusty Baker Moment of the Day”.

Bottom 6 Dontrelle Willis due up.  Dusty The Magnificent lets him hit.  Ok, I’m fine with letting Willis hit he has a good bat and the team is winning, but leaving him into pitch?

Take him out and leave it to the bullpen Dusty.  But DTM left him in there and the lead was gone.

The manager about lost the game for the team and that shouldn’t happen.

Dunn Done?

July 21, 2011

Would Adam Dunn really retire because he sucks? I mean, he has sucked his whole career, but continued to play.

I just happened to stumble upon this article that talks about Adam Dunn contemplating retirement because he strikes out too much and can’t hit the broad side of a barn.
His .158 AVG would be the lowest average in the live ball era…by 20 points.  WOW!
This is why the Reds refused to sign him for anything near the $20 million a season he once thought he was worth and why the White Sox just wasted $56 million over the next four years.

Scoreless in the Steel City

July 20, 2011

I would like to find a reason to blame Dusty the Magnificent for this run-scoring party of a road trip, but I can’t even do that.  When your starters pitch as well as Mike Leake and Dontrelle Willis did, you’d have to expect a win no matter how bad of a manager you have.  There can be only one explanation for this pre-2010-like performance

The George Grande Curse lives on! 

Since George’s return to the broadcast booth Monday night the Reds are 0 for Pittsburgh with guys in scoring position.  Charlie Morton continued to look like Cy Young reincarnated and this McDonald guy the (Everybody else) Succos threw out there last night was not Ronald.

Rumors: has some interesting guys out there the Reds are targeting.  Tampa Bay’s James Shields, Houston’s Wandy Rodriguez, Colorodo’s Ubaldo Jiminez, Seattle’s Chone Figgins, and Oakland’s Coco Crisp.

If these rumors are more than rumors, here’s the writing on the wall for some current Reds.

Bronson Arroyo/Edinson Volquez: “Adios.”  I wouldn’t be surprised if it is time for another change in scenery for Volquez, he has gotten lazy just as he did in Texas.  Arroyo, gotta love him, but he just doesn’t appear to have it anymore.

Drew Stubbs: “We don’t think you can cut down on your strike outs enough to be that great lead-off hitter you could be.  Shorten your swing, take the ball the other way, and bunt to get on base.  Then stop stealing on the same count every time you attempt to steal a base.”

Todd Frazier/Juan Francisco: “We think you guys are at least a year away, if you will ever be major league quality, and Scott Rolen is clearly not going to play everyday much longer.” Why else would the Reds be looking at a guy in Chone Figgins who is batting in the .180s and has $17 million left on his contract?


July 11, 2011

This could be the headline for so many of my posts in the first half of 2011.  While I took in the Quaker State 400 at Kentucky Speedway Saturday night so bewildering things happened.

Paul Daugherty of the Enquirer gives me another reason that Dusty the Magnificent should be fired.  Dusty actually does this to Coco quite often (pitching him 3 straight days), normally Coco is good for 2 and the third one gets a little rough.  They way things were going for Coco in the previous two, Dusty should have just put Masset in and we’d be talking about a split and two consecutive wins (something they haven’t done since sweeping the Dodgers June 13-15).

The other thing that has me saying “Really?” other than the result of Sunday’s game is that Scott Rolen was named to the All-Star team.  Really?  I understand the process of selecting a replacement, but the players didn’t think there was anyone more deserving in the entire league than Scott Rolen?  That’d be like naming Edgar Rentaria to the game because Troy Tulowitzki got hurt; they’re just not in the same league.

Well, off for a couple days to clear my mind of first half misery, back for more Friday!


July 8, 2011

Tonight’s Line-up, courtesy of John Fay:

Drew Stubbs cf
Edgar Renteria ss
Joey Votto 1b
Brandon Phillips 2b
Jay Bruce rf
Scott Rolen 3b
Chris Heisey lf
Ryan Hanigan c
Mike Leake p

I figured Cozart wouldn’t be in when Dusty The Magnificent (DTM) said this about him after last night’s (presumably, J. Fay published the article this a.m.) game:

“Renteria is still going to play,” Baker said. “He’s starting to get his stroke together. Hopefully, we can use both of them and break Cozart in – not slowly, but at a medium pace to learn the league, to learn our pitching staff. There’s a lot to do at shortstop.”

Translation:  Rentaria will get most of the playing time because I’m like your dog, incredibly loyal even to a fault.

Also note the lead-off spot, Drew Stubbs.  Apparently DTM, was not present for two of Chris Heisey’s most noteworthy lead-off spot performances and was present for Stubbs’ multiple lead-off spot disasters.

Translation:  Sure Stubbs strikes out a lot, but I like him as the lead-off guy because he is the fastest man in the Bigs.

I’ll be sure to pay close attention to the game tonight…wouldn’t want to miss any material, Dusty makes it sooooo easy some nights.