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Bringin’ the Smoke

I am a passionate Reds fan.  I have grown up watching and rooting for the Reds my entire life.  I got married a few years back and despite the fact I love my wife with all my heart, she just doesn’t like the Reds as much as I do.  This is my source of venting about the idiotic things done by Reds management, coaching staff, and players.

This site is named in honor of 1990 World Series MVP Jose Rijo.  I have a VHS (yes, VHS) titled “Wire to Wire” about the 1990 Reds that my brothers and I wore out when younger (OK, I still watch it.).  At one point Jose Rijo is referred to as Senor Smoke, hence the name.

Hope you enjoy.

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  1. March 26, 2010 4:20 pm

    Welllllllll….good work Nathan!
    This is more professional looking and not as busy as the ‘Chickasaw Barber’s Son’s’ Reds blog site (or whatever it is called). I am so thrilled that I am the “force” behind the birth of this blog! Seems appropriate that I should be the first to leave a comment! Woo Hoo! Actually I didn’t know that “my crap” was that powerful! Good luck with this blog my favorite nephew! Love to your wife and my favorite niece-in-law and the “little one” (LD is still a good name you know) coming on or close to June 20th!

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