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Hey, St. Louie! We’ve got a manager you can have!

November 1, 2011

After over a month in hiding I have decided to make my return. I wasn’t sure if I was going to after watching the October from hell. The arch enemy whining through the playoffs to a World Series title, quite depressing.

That was until today.

Tony LaRussa has announced that he will retire. It almost brought a tear to my eyes…well what would really bring a tear to my eyes would be Dusty Baker retiring (or leaving for St. Louis to destroy that franchise), but I doubt that happens anytime soon.

It is my prediction that this is just the beginning of the dismantling of the Champion Whiny Birds. Could LaRussa be tipping the Cardinals hand that they won’t be able to sign Pujols? I can’t imagine his good friend Dave Duncan hanging around much longer either. Once those two things happen Matt Holliday would have to hit without any protection (as if he could hit with Pujols in the line up during the Series anyway) and bums like Kyle Lohse will wilt into the 9-14, 5.00 ERA pitchers that they truly are.

I somewhat respect Tony LaRussa’s success, despite it being with St. Louis, but now I will enjoy the downfall of the Whiny Birds!

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