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DatDudeBP= Good Guy

September 19, 2011

I went to the game today…why you ask? Well I hadn’t been down this season is about the only reason. I was unable to attend while the Reds still had a chance this year and then once they began to fade off I had no desire to watch the product on the field.
Today’s game, like many others, was miserable. The Reds looked like they were simply going through the motions, except for one inning, and the young guys didn’t particularly impress me (minus Juan Francisco who made a couple nice defensive plays and hit the ball well). Yonder Alonso will be a good defensive outfielder, if Dusty let’s him play there. Devin Mesoroco is a good catcher, and as long as Matt Maloney isn’t in the rotation next year they’ll be decent.
The one guy that really impressed me though was DatDudeBP. My seat was front row down along the first base line and Phillips was down there signing autographs.
No biggy right?
Well he would have stayed had the team not taken the field. He was interacting with the little kids, talking to people laughing and having a good time, something only he showed from the Reds side all day. Even in a 7-run loss he was having fun. That’s awesome!
So Bob Castellini, since you read this, you need to sign BP. Give him his contract…he deserves it.

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