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Dusty on Line-ups

August 31, 2011

Tom Groeschen put together a nice article today that gives some insight into the mind of Dusty The Magnificent’s daily line-up making routine.

The summary:

“This game is basically about match-ups and the odds.”

Don’t go to Vegas anytime soon DTM.

I understand that you can put together the “perfect” line-up to face any given pitcher and that pitcher will go out and dominate, or vice versa, but playing the “match-ups and odds” isn’t always the right thing to do.  How about playing the guy that hits three home runs the previous day or goes 4 for 5 or the guy that drives in 4 RBI.  I know the odds are against him doing it again, but couldn’t that guy be hot and that hotness will then carry over to the next night and help others in the line-up?

Who knows.  Just another reason I don’t like Dusty Baker.

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