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Reds ‘terrible’

July 6, 2011

The words of an ESPN commentator? No. The words of a disgruntled fan blog? Well, maybe, but no.  The words of our All-Star second basemen, Brandon Phillips? You got it!

I would have said it first, but BP beat me to the punch.  Dusty The Magnificent even went as far as to call his team’s performance in  the 8-1 throttling they received Tuesday night ‘terrible’.  When DTM is bashing his boys for playing bad, well, you know it’s bad.

Back to Brandon Phillips, this rant shows me something.  It shows me that inside that clubhouse, somewhere, the leaders are fuming.  Votto and Rolen are silent leaders so you won’t likely hear much from them.  Arroyo is the leader of laid-back and you won’t hear it from him.  Phillips on the other hand will tell it how it is.

“We’re playing terrible ball,” Phillips said. “That’s all that’s going on. We have some of the best talent around. We’re not putting it together. I can see why the fans are very frustrated. It’s unacceptable.”

It is unacceptable.  Apparently the brass are finally realizing it too.  According to John Fay they met in a closed door meeting after the game.  If it takes a loud-mouthed-player to tell you you need to do something then maybe Big Bob Castellini needs to find someone who will do something.

Here is what I would do.  First I would start with my shortstops.  Janish is young and good defensively, he is a team player who can be used at multiple positions.  You get to stay, as a back-up.  You had your chance as a starter and you are not one.  Edgar Rentaria, nice knowing you.  Your not what we thought we were getting.  Zack Cozart, welcome to the Big Leagues, you are our shortstop.

Then I would get rid of either Johnny Gomes or Fred Lewis (or both).  Johnny Gomes, your power is great, but that is all you are.  Fred Lewis, nice to have you on the bench, but really, Heisey is a better bench player.  Welcome to the Big Leagues Yonder Alonso.  If he really is as good offensively as what is claimed, then why not?  If you get rid of both how about an Alonso/Dave Sappelt/Chris Heisey/Drew Stubbs sandwich in left and center?  Stubbs ain’t exactly tearing the cover off the ball either you know.

Then the pitchers…  This is actually tough, they have pretty much sucked equally (the starters anyway).  Apparently sending Edinson Volquez to AAA wasn’t enough of a message, so I guess you do it again.  Welcome to the Big Leagues (again) Dontrelle Willis.  A risky move because of previous recent performances, but he has been great in The ‘Ville.  Then you start using Aroldis Chapman in a long relief role to build his arm strength…if you are really committed to him being a starter, after all the shadow of the ax isn’t far from Bronson “I’ve-got-every-known-ailment-mankind-has ever-had-yet-I-still-make-every-start” Arroyo.

So that’s what I’d do.

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