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The Cuban Gets Smoked

May 15, 2011

Man there are a lot of Cuban cigar zingers I can use for Aroldis Chapman’s poor performances.  Today the line on Chumpman:

.1 IP, 4BB, 4 ER.

Hey that’s an improvement…he actually got a guy out (he must be feeling like dirt right now, he is the first guy Chumpman has retired since April 30th!)

The Reds won, so this shouldn’t matter.  Normally yes, it wouldn’t, but this has become a trend. Chapman has walked 12 (yes, 12) in his last 4 appearances (in which he has pitched only 1.1 innings)!    His ERA has ballooned to 6.92 and every time he enters the game you can only wonder how many he will walk before Dusty The Magnificent has to pull him.  DTM teased us today by actually getting off his seat (I’d imagine he was afraid to get his butt wet that’s why he didn’t do it sooner) and going out to pull talk to Chumpman.  Seriously…the guy threw more balls than Ricky Vaughn in Major League and you leave him out there?

CoCo’s Puffs

In other news, the rivalry continues to heat up.  This time CoCo Puff gets in on the act, shouting back at Gerald Laird (some washed up bum to back up Public Enemy Number One Yadier Molina) who took exception to him hitting The Albert.  Okay, Gerald, the count was 0-2, I’m sure if he would have meant to do it he would have done it on the first pitch and hit him in the face.


And finally, Jonny Gomes meet Fred Lewis…your replacement.  I like Jonny Gomes’ colorful personality, but personality don’t win games and Gomes isn’t doing himself any favors  lately.  Gomes has dropped his average to .186 on the season and Lewis has torn it up since arriving in Cincinnati.  Lewis has hit .313, had productive outs (unlike Gomes’ flailing toward pitches while striking out), and as far as I can tell is much better defensively than the newly shaved Gomes.

Gomes seems to deny that his new hair cut has anything to do with his poor hitting.  Right.

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