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First Inning Blues or Catcher Envy?

April 18, 2011

Edinson Volquez’s continued first inning troubles would seem to the naked eye to be the result of a wild arm that is out of control.  With as many walks as he has given up I would normally agree that that is the case.

However, I am going to put something out there that might shock some of you…It isn’t Volquez that is to blame (entirely) for his woes.  It is Ramon Hernandez who is to blame (and ultimately Dusty The Magnificent for continuing to use that battery).

The Reds  ERA in starts with Hernandez behind the plate: 5.16 (4.77 in 2010). With Ryan Hannigan behind the plate the Reds’ staff ERA is 3.24 (3.39 in 2010).

That is a huge difference!  I really didn’t think it was almost 2 runs higher, but it is.

So here is all I am asking DTM, try Hanigan behind the plate with Volquez the next time around and see what happens (if you are really trying everything you can to end the first inning madness).

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