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Singing a happy tune? Hell Yeah!

February 25, 2011

Though I didn’t actually see the blog post Hal McCoy wrote about Jonny Gomes singing about the demise of Adam Wainwright’s elbow, I did see the retraction.  I also saw this on MSNBC’s Hardball Talk (not to be confused with the crap show Chris Matthews hosts).

The lyrics, according to McCoy, were “joyous.”

With the numbers has against Wainwright who can blame him.  Gomes is just 2 for 10 with 4 Ks.

I only wish I could enter the head of Jonny Gomes for that fleeting moment between the time he uttered “Wainwright’s gone. Wainwright’s gone. Wainwright’s gone.” and the time he realized there were reporters in an ear shot of him.

What was the harmony of the song? Was it heavy metal or country? Were the lyrics intended to be a Weird Al Yankovic-like parody of a song?  Did Jonny let the lyrics Bronson Arroyo’s next hit single out without Bronson’s permission?

I demand answers!

We must know the melody!

One thing I can guarantee Jonny Gomes is not the only one singing a happy tune these days.  Wainwright is a 20-game winner on the division’s most consistently successful franchise, to not sing a happy tune about that would be downright wrong.

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