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A sure sign of spring

February 19, 2011

Back for another round

Ah, yes, Corky Miller is back!  That can one of two things:  He got laid-off from the Wal-Mart Tire and Lube Department or the Reds have resigned him to a contract.

I’m glad it’s the latter, how else would I segway into my first post of the preseason?

This picture of Corky got me thinking he must possess one of the greatest scuzzy man mustache’s in the history of baseball.  Let’s compare:

Lou Brown

Lou Brown, Indians Manager in the movie Major

Clue Haywood

League.  This is as good as it gets as far as movie facial hair goes, but the edge is still in favor of the mighty Corky.  Actually I think Lou Brown might have been Corky’s boss at some run-down oil change joint at some point in another life.

Clue Haywood, another Major League mustache, and I think Corky’s long lost twin.

Rod Beck

Rod Beck.  The ultimate in scuzzy pitcher mustaches.

John Candelaria

Beck’s fu-man-chu is accented by the bushy mullet…Come on Corky, your slacking.

John Candelaria.  Have you ever seen a picture of yourself and thought “What was I thinking?”?  That is what John Candelaria thinks every time he sees this baseball card.

Rick Sweet

Rick Sweet,  Corky’s AAA coach and scuzzy mustache mentor.  I can just see it Corky and Rick sitting side by side in the dugout at Louisville trading tips of mustache care.









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