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Chapmania on hold

August 8, 2010
  • Chapmania is on hold once more, instead we get more Carlos Fisher with Russ Springer’s DL trip.  Speaking of Springer, he should have just stayed retired…two outings and your hurt, if that doesn’t say you shouldn’t have stayed at home I don’t know what does!
  • Speaking of people that should stay at home, anybody have a heart-attack (again) yesterday watching Coco nearly blow that one?  Something has to be wrong with him or he needs to hire the bloodhound from the kitty litter commercial to help him find the strike zone…seemed to work for the cat.
  • So does Drew Stubbs still get sent to AAA when Dickerson is ready?  That 3-4 day and a sense of urgency could have saved Stubbs and doomed Jay Bruce, who by the way looks bad at the plate too.
  • Which is more important, three against the Alberts this week or the nine that follow on the West Coast?  Given the past track record, I’d say the West Coast trip could be the one that is more important.
  • Let’s sweep the Baby Bears and bring on the Alberts!
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