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Joey Votto, my favorite Red

July 15, 2010

As if I needed another reason to like Joey Votto, the Canadian Club himself has given me one.

“I don’t like the Cubs,” Votto said. “And I’m not going to pat anybody with a Cubs uniform on the back. But because he made that really cool play, it turned out to be a really cool experience. I’m really glad we got the win today.”

As it turns out Joey, I loathe the Cubs and their loud mouth, obnoxious fans who come to Cincinnati and take over the town like a plague of drunken locusts every time the sorry excuse for a major league franchise come to town, as well.

Though not everyone understands Votto’s hate for the hapless baby bears, I am ready to immortalize him.  It’s time to build a statue in Crosley Terrace (or somewhere around GASP) for the slugger.

I have had my run-in’s with these drunken locusts while watching the Reds and when a guy on my team sympathizes with this hatred he becomes immortalized as truly loyal and devoted to his team’s fate.  Tommy Lasorda bled Dodger blue and no one questioned it, obviously Joey Votto bleeds Cincinnati Red, and no one can fault him for that.

Because of Joey Votto’s hate of the Cubs, the next game I go to I will give Votto a standing ovation because he is a big reason, on and off the field, the Reds are good again and will be good for a while.

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