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Something that was missing before

July 8, 2010

The Albert’s blew another multi-run lead Wednesday night and the Reds now have a three game lead in the Central.

So what has changed from last year?

The team is nearly the same from the end of the season surge, but what has changed is the culture.

When in the past would you have heard this from a Reds player?

“I’m glad that it’s a byproduct of us winning and me playing well.”


“All for one, and one for all.”


His teammates were pretty enthusiastic about the Vote Votto shirts. When it was asked if you could wear them for batting practice, someone said it was optional.

Jonny Gomes quickly made them mandatory.

“We’re all wearing them,” he said.

Obviously circumstances would not dictate that Reds players would be saying some of these things in the past, but the point is that this team is being molded into a winner.

I hate to give Dusty the Magnificent credit, but he deserves some.  Most of the credit goes to guys like Jonny Gomes and Joey Votto and Scott Rolen who are team players and don’t give a hoot about what there stats are as long as the team is winning.

This type of culture was what was sorely missing much of the last decade.

Another thing that has changed is the job the bullpen has done lately.  Logan Ondrusek has been lights out since coming back from AAA and Jordan Smith has done a nice job too.  Kinda makes you forget about who the replaced (Carlos Fisher and Daniel Ray Herrera, just in case you really did forget!).

The Reds still need to go after bullpen help if they want to seriously continue contending (Arthur Rhodes is 40 you know), The Sporting News reported in the latest issue David Aardsma from the Mariners might be a good fit.

I know another Seattle pitcher that’d look good on the GASP mound too.

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