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Today’s Game: Going for the split

June 10, 2010

Today’s game is not on TV, so I’m listening on the radio.  Nothing like Marty’s voice calling the balls and strikes on the radio!  Mike Leake gets the start today for the first place Reds.

Today I’ll be posting my game thoughts as the game goes on…I’ve got things to do on the computer (listening to the Reds my deter me from these tasks), so I’ll periodically post my thoughts.

Top 1st: Rough start for Mike Leake. 2 K’s and the wheel’s fall off…well as off as they come for Mr. Easy. SF 1, Reds coming to bat.

Bottom 1st: Reds Line-up:

Brandon Phillips 2b
Paul Janish ss
Joey Votto 1b
Scott Rolen 3b
Jonny Gomes lf
Jay Bruce rf
Drew Stubbs cf
Ramon Hernandez c
Mike Leake p

Does Dusty really know what he is doing.  Stubbs has been hot in the seventh slot, but why not give him a one day audition back in the lead-off spot so the rest of your line-up isn’t screwed up?  Guess we’ll never know.

Top 2nd:

Cowboy Comeback?  Might not be a bad idea with as bad as the Reds bullpen has been.  He might have to lay off the UDF if that’s the case.

John Fay likes Phillips in the lead-off spot.  I see his point w/ a .352 OBP over Cabrera’s .306.

Do the G-men have Mike Leake’s number? Rowand homer makes it  SF 2, Reds 0.

top 3:

Is today the day Mike Leake bites the dust?  The G-men sure are hitting him hard, but I guess it had to happen.

This is going to be a long day.  You’ve got a guy picked and the ball comes out…then they get a 4th straight hit!  SF 4-0.

bot 3

Wellemeyer is out with an injury…maybe the Reds luck is about to change.

How about that.  New pitcher, new luck.  Get ’em on, get ’em over, get ’em in however you can.  Remember the old scoreboard at Riverfront that would come up when somebody walked?  “Walks will haunt!”

Wipe the board clean it’s tied!  Way to go Jay! 4-4.

Top 5:

Leake is gone.  Not a good outing, by far his worst.

Enerio Del Rosario comes in and gives up a hit on a ball misplayed by Scott Rolen to give the G-men a 5-4 advantage.  Hopefully Del Rosario can get it together, but then again I don’t expect it.  The way this bullpen has done things this year it could be 8-4 by the end of this inning. Well Del Rosario was able to coax a double play.  Time to comeback again!  SF 5-4.

Bottom 5:

Yo Drew, JoBu needs a refill.

Drew Stubbs has to do something other than strike out.  He hasn’t been close, from the sound of it, today.

Seven straight breaking balls to Pedro Cerrano Drew Stubbs and the same result…a K.  We are now on Golden Sombrero Alert.

Top 6: Daniel Ray Herrera is a bum.  The only good thing about Herrera’s back to back walks…Drew Stubbs is double switched for Chris Heisey.   Nick Masset in the 6th…this is new.  Dusty must be seeing who will be gone when Homer Bailey returns Sunday.

Wow! Two pitches by Nick Masset and out of the inning.  Let’s call it “The Miracle on the Riverfront.”

Bottom 6:

The Stubbs/Heisey switch immediately pays dividends…a single by Heisey.

The Reds can’t get it done with men on…which really doesn’t happen that often.  Just wish they could have come through here.

Top 7:

Not as successful this time around for Masset.  Dusty should have just pulled him while he was ahead.  Now it’ll be Arthur Rhodes, who’s arm has to be about ready to fall off by now.  I think this is the 4th straight day Rhodes has pitched, does Dusty realize this guy is 40?  SF 6-4.

Bot 8:

Back-to-back hits and the hottest hitter on the team coming up…can’t beat that!

TRIPLE!!!! Phillips ties it!

It’s Votto-matic! Reds take the lead.  Wow! Things certainly have changed now.  I would presume it will be time for COCO in the 9th for the save.

Top 9:

So which Coco Cordero will show up?  Hopefully the dominant one, haven’t seen that one much this year.

The dominant Coco shows up!  “And this one belongs to the Reds!”


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