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Cantu makes the Reds pay, unfortunately so does Harang

April 16, 2010

If you’ve heard about Jorge Cantu’s impressive RBI streak (10 straight games with an RBI to start the season, a MLB record) your not living in Miami (2,500 in the stands…come on, this Marlins team ain’t bad!).  If your a Reds fan the inevitable ‘what if’ game begins.   The Reds HAD Cantu and let him go after only20-something games with the team in ’07 because he was a poor fielder.  In 2009 for the Fish, Cantu had a .993 fielding percentage.  I would take that .993 fielding percentage with a guy that is averaging 20 HRs a year, driving in 98, and only making $3.5 million.

On the other side of the isle is Aaron Harang, he to is making the Reds pay.  Both his fat salary and inability to get back to 2007 form is hurting this team.  I said after Opening Day Harang looked more like the 6-14 Aaron Harang than the 16-win Aaron Harang, and after three starts I’m looking prophetic.  0-2, 7.88 ERA, 19 hits, 14 ER, in just 16 IP.  Oh yeah, and the guy makes $11.5 million this year.

Harang and the rest of the Reds starters better get their crap together.  Though the bats have not been overly impressive, the pitching has definitely not been as advertised.   People have short memories when your doing well, but when you stink up the joint, they remember, and they want something new…especially when you have it (Let Chapmania begin?).

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