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Thom Brenneman, my new favorite Brenneman

April 14, 2010

There are those moments in broadcasting that everyone talks about; moments where the camera keeps rolling when its not supposed to or the mike is left on when is should’ve been off.  Vice President Joe Biden just recently got caught dropping the F-bomb at the press conference introducing healthcare.

Marty and Thom Brenneman tell it like it is, that’s what makes them so likable.  Personally I have always preferred Marty, but the other night Thom endeared himself to me by bluntly stating “Lincoln is in, this one’s going to the sh****.” (Or something like those words)

Redleg Nation had this posted on the new brewing feud between the brazen broadcaster and beleaguered reliever.

Thom Brenneman, I hear you man!

In Lincoln’s appearance all he had to do was not give up a run, and of course, he did.  Lincoln’s ERA is now 10.13.

IN OTHER NEWS from the obscene, Jay Bruce, is in full apology mode after his double dirty bird.  The last Red to do this got released (see Graves, Danny), I doubt the same fate awaits Bruce.

Well, I guess I’ve killed two birds with one stone with this post!

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