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Opening Day Thumping

April 6, 2010

That Albert Pujols guy is going to be one heckuva player someday…

Well, Opening Day has come and gone and the Reds were thumped by King Albert and the rest of the St. Louis nine 11-6.  Here are some of my observations from the game.

– Aaron Harang looked more like the 5-14 Aaron Harang than 16-win Aaron Harang (5 IP, 5H, 4R, 2 BB, 2K).  But there were at lease signs of good things to come…then again there always has been.

-If Laynce Nix isn’t part of your regular outfield platoon, why is he starting Opening Day?  He must have bought Dusty the Magnificent a new box of toothpicks.

-Despite the fact the Reds scored six times, it was much of the same offensively that it was in 2009 (1-2 hitters were 1-10, 3-9 w/ RISP…that’s actually an improvement!).  Does this finally spell the end for Brook Jacoby if this continues?

-Mike Lincoln. I can’t fault him because he sucks. So why does our toothpick wielding manager insist on putting this bum in the game only down by two?  Is he a glutton for punishment? Does he want to lose? Does he have to justify putting him on the roster?  Does the toothpick pick a little of his brain out every time he chews on one?  Pujols will get to a lot of people, but seriously Dusty, the  hitters he faced knocked the cover off the ball, what was the point?  You actually thought Lincoln would get someone out against the heart of the St. Louis order in his 2nd inning of work?  FYI, Lincoln’s average against is 1.000 and ERA 18.00.  Prediction: Mike Lincoln will be gone by May 1.

-Dennys Reyes still looks like he enjoys a Grand Slam or two from his namesake restaurant (Denny’s).

-Chris Dickerson cried his way into the line-up (1-5 is very Taveras or Patterson-esqe and he had an error in the 9th that may have been big…we’ll never know), Drew Stubbs looked like he deserved to play (2-2 w/ a Rib-eye).

-Juan Francisco made contact!  Johnny Bench on J.F.: “He has more potential than Prince Fielder.”

-If Nick Masset is as wild/ineffective as he was Monday, there are going to be a lot of blown saves and/or close games that get away this year.  Or Dusty might just use Mike Lincoln in the 8th inning…maybe I shouldn’t suggest it, I’m sure he reads this!


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