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Dusty’s ruined him already

March 26, 2010

Ok, I’m exaggerating a little bit.

The Aroldis Chapman back-spasm drama has hit Day 4 in Goodyear, international media outlets are not a-buzz with speculation, but the local media outlets are!

It appears as if this little set-back will send the flame-throwing Cuban to the minors.  Champmania may have to wait.  But have no fear, the Reds have other young arms for Dusty The Magnificent to destroy.

So who is it, Mike “Kelly” Leake or Travis Wood?

Kelly Leak

Mike Leake- Actually he kinda does look like Kelly

As much as I’d like to see the the top draft choice from a year ago in the rotation it is his first spring with the club.  Just like Chapman, Leake would benefit from a little seasoning in the minors.

Travis Wood on the other had has been in the minors a few years and has posted good enough numbers to get himself rated as one of the best Reds pitching prospects, if not the best.

The best option I can foresee is just letting Micah Owings take the 5-spot.  Owings wasn’t great, but he is versatile.  It is likely Dusty will want an extra arm in the ‘pen early on and Owings is a guy the Reds could use as an extra reliever or in that 5th starter spot when needed.  And with an extra arm Owings is competent enough with the bat to be the extra bat off the bench if need be.

Nobody seems to be talking about that option.  Must be the stealth option.

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