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Hey, St. Louie! We’ve got a manager you can have!

November 1, 2011

After over a month in hiding I have decided to make my return. I wasn’t sure if I was going to after watching the October from hell. The arch enemy whining through the playoffs to a World Series title, quite depressing.

That was until today.

Tony LaRussa has announced that he will retire. It almost brought a tear to my eyes…well what would really bring a tear to my eyes would be Dusty Baker retiring (or leaving for St. Louis to destroy that franchise), but I doubt that happens anytime soon.

It is my prediction that this is just the beginning of the dismantling of the Champion Whiny Birds. Could LaRussa be tipping the Cardinals hand that they won’t be able to sign Pujols? I can’t imagine his good friend Dave Duncan hanging around much longer either. Once those two things happen Matt Holliday would have to hit without any protection (as if he could hit with Pujols in the line up during the Series anyway) and bums like Kyle Lohse will wilt into the 9-14, 5.00 ERA pitchers that they truly are.

I somewhat respect Tony LaRussa’s success, despite it being with St. Louis, but now I will enjoy the downfall of the Whiny Birds!


DatDudeBP= Good Guy

September 19, 2011

I went to the game today…why you ask? Well I hadn’t been down this season is about the only reason. I was unable to attend while the Reds still had a chance this year and then once they began to fade off I had no desire to watch the product on the field.
Today’s game, like many others, was miserable. The Reds looked like they were simply going through the motions, except for one inning, and the young guys didn’t particularly impress me (minus Juan Francisco who made a couple nice defensive plays and hit the ball well). Yonder Alonso will be a good defensive outfielder, if Dusty let’s him play there. Devin Mesoroco is a good catcher, and as long as Matt Maloney isn’t in the rotation next year they’ll be decent.
The one guy that really impressed me though was DatDudeBP. My seat was front row down along the first base line and Phillips was down there signing autographs.
No biggy right?
Well he would have stayed had the team not taken the field. He was interacting with the little kids, talking to people laughing and having a good time, something only he showed from the Reds side all day. Even in a 7-run loss he was having fun. That’s awesome!
So Bob Castellini, since you read this, you need to sign BP. Give him his contract…he deserves it.

Dusty on Line-ups

August 31, 2011

Tom Groeschen put together a nice article today that gives some insight into the mind of Dusty The Magnificent’s daily line-up making routine.

The summary:

“This game is basically about match-ups and the odds.”

Don’t go to Vegas anytime soon DTM.

I understand that you can put together the “perfect” line-up to face any given pitcher and that pitcher will go out and dominate, or vice versa, but playing the “match-ups and odds” isn’t always the right thing to do.  How about playing the guy that hits three home runs the previous day or goes 4 for 5 or the guy that drives in 4 RBI.  I know the odds are against him doing it again, but couldn’t that guy be hot and that hotness will then carry over to the next night and help others in the line-up?

Who knows.  Just another reason I don’t like Dusty Baker.

In case you didn’t notice

August 17, 2011

As I was listening to the pregame show on radio last night Lance McAllister of WLW was ranting about the mis-use of Yonder Alonso.  Alonso was in the line-up, in left field, something Dusty The Magnificent said wouldn’t happen “any time soon.”

McAllister’s basic point was that Alonso’s situation is symptomatic of greater issues within the organization.  I couldn’t agree more.  Presuming that the reason Alonso wasn’t playing (after only three big-league starts in left) was because of DTM, then someone needs to take DTM out back and let him know who’s the boss or just simply fire him.  If DTM is just following orders, then he needs to do a better job of standing up for his guys.

DTM’s explanation for Alonso playing was that “we’re pretty beat up” and “we’ve got to see if that (the three previous games started) was a fluke”.

Really?  It took you EIGHT DAYS to come to that conclusion!?!?

That must be the thinking management and ownership are taking on DTM right now with his job.  They want to see if last season was a fluke or if DTM really is that bad of a manager.

Dusty Baker Logic

August 9, 2011

Reason number 1379 to fire Dusty the Magnificent:

Dave Sappelt was out of the lineup Monday after playing well in his debut. Fred Lewis led off and played left field.”Fred Lewis is 7-for-9 off (starter Jason Hammel),” Baker said. “Plus, he throws a lot of breaking balls. We want to Sappelt give a day to learn our field. It takes a lot of energy to come and get settled.”    (John Fay, Cincinnati Enquirer)


Dave Sappelt needs a day to “learn our field”  and to “get settled”?  What happened to that logic on Sunday when after arriving in Chicago at 11 a.m. Sappelt was inserted into the line-up for the 1:20 p.m. start?

C’mon!  Do you think we are a bunch of morons?  Just say what you really wanted to DTM:

“I thought Freddie’s ego got hurt by the promotion and prompt insertion of Dave Sappelt into the line-up on Sunday.  I needed to make things better, so I massaged his feet with coconut oil, told him everything was going to be okay, Johnny B. has your back, and off he went into the lead-off spot.”

Lewis was 0-2, dropping his average against Jason “I’m not Cole” Hammel to .636 (7 for 11).  Sappelt got one hit in two at-bats upon pinch hitting for Lewis.

This was supposed to be the week…

August 7, 2011

…that the Reds got back in it.  Sigh.  To be honest, I can’t watch a whole game anymore and I’ve reverted to listening more and more to the bluntness that is Marty Brennaman.

I can hardly stand this any more.  Why aren’t ALL of the young guys playing?  This season is now a lost cause with the Reds 9 games out, they should be playing, especially since Rolen is done and Gomes is gone.

Why has this team rolled over for the Cubs and Astros?

Where is the fire?

Why have they stopped “plugging away”?

Why haven’t “we got hot” yet?

There is only one logical explanation for this type of stupidity:

(my apologies to Keith's Sports Journal,

As Redleg Nation poster “Aaron” says:

“While most of the blame must be placed on the players, there hasn’t seemed to be any accountability this season. “Oh, we’re playing like crap? Well, that’s OK. We’ll get hot soon.” That attitude is OK in April, but it’s continued all the way through August. This “players manager” attitude is a little troubling.”

That pretty much sums things up.

Welcome to the Bandwagon!

July 29, 2011

Dusty The Magnificent should be wearing this uniform for ESPN again soon.

Welcome to the bandwagon Redleg Nation!  Welcome John Fay (sort of)!

I’ve been advocating this move for a while now, glad to see it’s picking up some steam.

Reason number 1359 why Dusty Baker should be fired:

“Sam LeCure had trouble getting warmed up.”

You mean after Homer Bailey gave up five runs in the fourth inning you didn’t get someone going just in case he might not have his top stuff today?

Let me interpret what “Sam LeCure had trouble getting warmed up” really means:

“I was busy taking a nap, then when I did wake up I realized that our 2-1 lead was a 5-3 deficit and I needed to get someone going. Then by the time I made it to the phone to get someone up Homer had already made it worse.”

It’s not like this is the first time Dusty the Magnificent has left a starter in too long (see just about every other game the Reds have blown this year).

I agree with John Fay we need to bring up the young guys and let them play and I agree with Steve Mancuso too, DTM is not the guy to lead us to the promised land.